Judgment Recovery Training:

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Other Judgment Recovery Training: 
Judgment Recovery Secrets does not officially endorse these programs. These programs are listed for your own convenience.  Anything you purchase from these sites is at your own risk.
Sierra Judgment Recovery: Learn the basics of the Judgment Recovery Business. The program many people start out with. It cost $165 for online access. If you want a hard copy of the training materials it is $214.95
Small Claims Processing: This is an older judgment recovery course. You get a 135 page eBook. All you get is an eBook so don't expect too much in terms of help and support, but it covers the basics of the judgment enforcement business and is good to resource to have.
Judgment Recovery Services: 
Judgment Recovery Services: Who you get to to enforce your court judgment could make a big difference if you will ever get your money back. Most people in the judgment recovery business will only the do most basic tasks.

You could hire a lawyer, but most will charge a huge amount up front. Most will charge you a fortune to perform basic services.

You could try to figure it out on your own, but each courthouse is different procedures. They will frequently reject the paperwork you submit.

If you do not want to deal with all the hassles trying to figure it out by yourself, don't want to spend a fortune with a lawyer, and want someone who is willing to use all the judgment recovery strategies, then you should contact us for an evaluation of your court judgment.
** We primarily do business in California & Nevada, but the rules and judgment recovery methods are very similar in each state. 
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