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Attention Landlords and Business Owners!
Want Less Headaches With Collecting Money From A Delinquent Debtor?
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The Following is a message for every landlord and Business Owner who needs to collect on their judgment, but can't figure out the court paperwork on their own...
without a lawyer!
From The Desk of Mr. Grey
RE: Judgment Recovery

Hi, I'm Mr. Grey and I am a Judgment Enforcement Specialists who has helped hundreds of landlords and business owners to get paid from their tenants who do not pay their rent.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about judgment recovery?

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's dealing with lawyers who help you get the judgment but don't help you get paid on it.

Because landlords and business owners usually don't have the time to figure it out on their own or don't want to spend more money on a debt they may never collect on!

And, worst of all, most landlords and business owners can't get past the idea they they need a lawyer to help them deal with the court system.
But luckily for you there's now a solution to your problem!!
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...
There I was, a real estate investor and landlord trying to buy more houses.

The thing is, at that time I was paying the mortgage payments when the tenants don't pay.

The big problem was that I would have to spend lots of time taking tenants to court to get paid.. That meant I would win the lawsuit against the tenant, however I still didn't get paid., which I had to either to pay a lawyer to get my money or resign to the fact that I would never get paid.
Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
I learned the secrets on how to get paid on my own judgments without a lawyer!
Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to get paid on my judgments even though the tenant didn't have any money, because I learned the insider secrets that the best lawyers don't want the general public know.

My plan was to start finding out if there was anyone else having the same problems getting paid from tenants who didn't pay.

So I started my own judgment enforcement business. But I didn’t stop there.

I then learned that there were other people, not just landlords, who needed justice from people who failed to pay them the money they were owed.

After that, I enforced judgments for everyone who were denied justice, but didn't have the money to pay for an expensive lawyer.

Bottom line: In the end I was able to to get justice for people who gave up hope of ever getting paid the money they were owed..

Building on that success, I decided to teach what I have learned. I taught my methods at various local real estate investment clubs, however the amount of people that I can help was limited because I could only reach the people in my area. As a result I created an online course with my training..

I call it “Judgment Recovery Secrets”. 

With Judgment Recovery Secrets I can now share the information that lawyers have kept secret so that the average person can get paid and get the justice they deserve!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So here's what I've got for you today...

If you're landlord or a business owner who really needs to collect on their judgment, but can't figure out the court paper work on your own without a lawyer., here's the solution you've been looking for...
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Ask Them To Imagine What Life Would Be Like If They Too Could Have The Success You Have?
Show off all the possible benefits of the solution you found. 

Be visual.

Be creative. 

Explain how amazing it would be to have all this without wasting time or money.

Show off just how much easier, lighter, happier, and better things will be when this solution is placed into their lives.
Introducing Justice Thru the Enforcement of Judgments with....
Judgment Recovery Secrets!!!
With this online course you get the secrets that most lawyers don't know about. The problem is that lawyers don't go to law school to learn how enforce judgments. That is why they are very good in helping you get the judgment but terrible on helping you get your money.

You don't have to spend over $100,000 to go to law school or even $40,000 for a college degree to lean how to enforce your own judgment. You can learn how to enforce your own judgments for less than the cost of one year people pay to go to the local community college.

If you are a landlord, will no longer have to worry about losing thousands of dollars for past-due rent because you will have the knowledge on how to get your money back if your tenant doesn't pay. 
Act Now - Before It's Too Late!
Get Onboard With Justice Thru The Enforcement of Judgments Now!
Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With Judgment Recovery Secrets
Judgment Recovery Secrets ($997 Value)
This online training course is the shortcut to get paid you your judgments. Get the peace of mind that you don't need a lawyer to get paid on your judgment.

No more worrying if you will ever get paid by a bad tenant, contractor, or vendor. Know if you are getting your money's worth if you do decide to hire an expensive attorney.
Judgment Recovery - Paperwork Secrets ($997 Value)
These videos are a step by step guilde to complete court paperwork (California) without having to pay for an expensive lawyer so you can have the confidence to do your own paperwork and save a huge amount on lawyer fees. 
Judgment Enforcement Secrets ($997 Value)
Learn why there is NO competition in the judgment enforcement business. The #1 thing that STOPS a person from being successful. If you put in the effort, you could easily dominate in your area.

In month 2 of the training program, you will learn about the 10 most common mistakes that people in the judgment enforcement business make with their website. Discover the easiest way to have a fast loading, mobile friendly website which is required if you are going to have any chance to be listed on Google.
Judgment Recovery - Sheriff Sale Secrets ($497 Value)
Learn the secrets on how to get your debtors personal assets after they failed to pay you. You have the chance to get cars, jewelry, and many more of the the debtor's assets at a huge discount. The debtor will be desperate to pay you to prevent you from taking their personal items.
Judgment Recovery - Bankruptcy Secrets ($497 Value)
What to do so you can still get paid on your judgment even if the debtor files for bankruptcy. 

The #1 thing you should do first before the debtor even considers filing for bankruptcy.
Judgment Recovery - Interrogation Secrets ($997 Value)
Discover the most effective method to get the debtor to reveal their hidden assets. Lawyers and other people in the judgment enforcement business don't want you to know this strategy.

Get the secret list of questions to ask a judgment debtor in court to get paid even though they do not have any money.

This Checklist makes it a snap to know the different ways on how to collect on your own judgment before you have to spend a single dime for a lawyer. 
Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...
Bonus #1 Judgment Enforcment Secrets
BONUS #2: Investing Secrets
Bonus #3 Tenant Checklist
Learn How To Enforce Your Judgment From The Best!
Modern Day Superhero
"It took me a while to find a judgment enforcer for my small claims court judgment. I have spoke with possibly over 10 companies; however, as soon as I got Mr. Grey on the phone I knew right away that he is a man who will get it done. And my intuition was right, he got my defender's bank account levied in less than two weeks. He was always responsive and straightforward with me. When I finally met him in person I got a feeling that he is genuine and honest person, this business suits him not only financially but also morally. He gets money back to people who were wronged. If I may say so he's a modern day superhero who gets justice served. And just to be clear I am in no way affiliated with his company, I did find him online and this is my genuine impression and experience. We need more people like Mr. Grey."
- Galya P, Beverly Hills CA
Bad Tenant
"A few years back I won a claim against former tenants that were so blatant and personally damaging to me, it ended up in small claims court. However, when I asked the judge how I could enforce the settlement and attempt to collect my money, he said "I can't recommend anything , this is on you, and whatever you do might still not result in getting anything". I was two months from losing my home, due to the actions of these artful con-artists. Based on obstacles and dodging by these people I had lost all hope in ever getting any kind of payment.
I contacted numerous agencies that dealt in judgement collection, and time and time again was denied help.
It was truly not until I reached-out to Mr.Grey where he intently listened, understood my dilemma, and was willing to help.
His expertise and knowledge of judgement enforcement is beyond par, and I would highly recommend his services to others even us ' little guys' ,that often lack justice and representation."
- Claudia A, Burbank CA
Contractor Gets Paid
"Live and learn, thats what they say about our walk thru life right? 
In a word,I won a money judgment in L.A Superior Court against a guy who trying to "stiff me" out of money I earned doing home improvement work.It involved finish carpentry ,a partial copper repipe job and installation of a 40 gallon gas water heater.
I new something was wrong ,and I got that "funny feeling" when I knocked on the guys door,he answered and said he was having "a money problem " that month.Well I went to court filed a small claims lawsuit and won ,but found out after months of trying ,I could not collect on this judgment
I found and spoke to Mr Isidro,who explained the judgment collection process to me and after signing a few simple documents,,,he hit the ground running a went after this guy who burned me.He kept me informed and up date during the entire process.Very soon i received a very nice check in the mail from Mr Isidro after all the dust settled.
I highly recommend his services should you win a money judgment on which you find you cannot collect.Im a busy guy,Im a contractor .I dont have time to "herd alley cats".If you got a judgment call GR Isidro ,you wont be disappointed in your outcome."
- Dave D, Monrovia CA
If you're sick and tired of dealing with lawyers who help you get the judgment but don't help you get paid on it., then Judgment Recovery Secrets is the solution you've been looking for...let's get started today!

Even if you do not have a judgment right now, you need to know what to do so that it will make it easier and faster to collect on a judgment if your tenant doesn't pay. 

Save thousands of dollars by making judgment debtors pay you the money you are owed without having to pay for expensive lawyers.
Take advantage of Special Introductory Offer Before the Next Price Increase.
limited time offer!
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If "Judgment Recovery Secrets" doesn't teach you how to collect money from delinquent tenants even when they do not have any money... or if it fails to show you the things lawyers and other judgment enforcers are not willing to do without charging you extra.... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your judgment recovery results!
WARNING: This is an introductory offer and the price will go up when new content is added. 
I'm still at square one, very new to Judgment Enforcement, will this program be right for me?
Absolutely - If ONLY you are willing to do the work. This program covers every stage from beginner and cover what you need to do to actually make money in the Judgment Enforcement Business. In fact now is the perfect time for you to join; as you'll get the training required to start your Judgment Enforcement Business the right way, and for you to GET RESULTS.
How is this program different from other courses?
First, this is NOT another course, eBook, textbook, or forum where you don't even know if the instructor is even personally answering the questions. This program that is based on years of best practices.

This isn’t based off a one-time success. It’s the accumulation of proven frameworks, strategies, that were learned and applied for the past 19 years, all distilled down into a blueprint for recurring success.
You don’t have to experiment to hopefully find something that works. Just follow the blueprint. It’s been proven to work.

And don’t forget, I’ve been doing this myself having incredible results even being an immigrant and college dropout.
How much time will it take to go through the Judgment Recovery Course?
It is encouraged that you to dedicate at least 15 - 20 hours per week for the next twelve weeks. Also, you can learn at your own pace after each module is released. Less time if you are only looking to enforce your own judgment.
What, specifically, will I have when I finish this program that I don't have today?
By the time this program is finished, you'll have what it really takes to enforce your own personal judgment and the skills necessary to get your first judgment in the judgment enforcement business.
Why should I GET STARTED | JOIN the program today instead of waiting?
First, because the PRICE will increase as I did since my first Coaching Program.

Also, it's time for you to take action and GET RESULTS! Simple as that.
What if this Judgment Recovery Course doesn’t meet my needs?
No problem. I offer a full 3 Week MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE. If you buy the 3rd week don't agree that it’s worth every penny I said it was, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle. You have my word on it. Just send me a support request and we will promptly refund your money back.
I don't live in California, will this work in my state?
As matter of fact, one of my top students has taken my strategies to dominate the judgment enforcement business in Hawaii. This judgment enforcement training is designed on how to get people paid in the judgement enforcement business.

The laws and judgment recovery methods are similar in different states. The GOOD NEWS is that there is a high chance that no one has taken the effort to research the laws for your state which means that there will be even less competition for you.  With my unique strategies, you can dominate the judgment enforcement business in your state.
Why are more people needed in the judgment enforcement business
My team and I cannot handle the volume of cases that come in and have to turn people away. Because of my reputation, I sometimes get requests from people in other states. There needs to be more trained judgment enforcement professionals so everyone in America can get justice.
Now it's time for the....
The Closing Arguments
Summarize the great results, benefits, bonuses, and guarantee. Make sure you include some sort of scarcity or urgency. 

You can also do a sign off, like in an actual letter. 

Remember, you're just one funnel away...

-Russell Brunson
What current students have to say about Mr. Grey's Judgment Enforcement Training
Here’s A Recap Of
Everything You Get Today
When Get This AMAZING Online Course!
Online Course on How To Enforce Your Own Judgment Without The Help Of An Expensive Lawyer.
  • Judgment Recovery Secrets - Value $997
  • Judgment Recovery Paperwork Secrets - Value $997
  • Judgment Recovery Interrogation Secrets - Value $997
  • Judgment Enforcement Secrets - Value $497

Get at least 20 hours of video content from 2019 & 2020 and more content being added for 2021.

Total Value: $3488
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $1997
This is the Beta version and more content will be added. The price will go up as more content is added or after a certain about of judgment recovery courses are sold. There will be a major price increase after a majority of the content is added. Don't miss out one Judgment Recovery Secrets while it is at it's lowest price. 
Here's to your success with judgment recovery!
Mr. Grey

PS - Take advantage of the introductory pricing because the price will increase as more information is added and more secrets lawyers don't want you to know are revealed... so let's get started today!

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